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audela posted to su_herald July 12 2014, 03:55

Friday July 11

FRED: "Where is everybody?"
GROO: "I'm here. - Cordelia and Angel are upstairs trying out bedrooms. For Angel's son."

CORDY: "I'm not telling your sixteen year old boy that."
ANGEL: "Well, someone has to make sure he knows the facts of life. My track record with the whole man/woman thing isn't, you know... I don't wanna use the words 'tragic farce' but..."


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brutti_ma_buoni July 11 2014, 20:30

Silly ficletting

I have some comments on my big bang! Lovely comments, from lovely people! I was *extremely* scared I wouldn't get any at all, so I am very, very pleased. Slightly worried about what I did to fandom's moral compass, because really, hitmen shouldn't be endearing, but eh, you don't come to me to read Jensen as a horrible guy who gets his comeuppance y/n? (PSA: do not date a hitman. I don't think it would go well. Even if he looks like Jensen.)

So I wandered over to the kinkmeme in a good mood and I got a bunny! I haven't written that fast in months. It's just a little thing, which I posted anon, but a) obvious typo and I left an open italic tag in the last part which UGH, and b) this fic is really for anyone who has ever commented on my J2 stuff because apparently you're the fuel I need to write, so THANK YOU, have a fic just for you. And you. And you as well.

Uh. It's incredibly unsexy porn, and covers one of my only real squicks (daddy kink), but you shouldn't read it if you actually want to read daddy kink. The prompt was (briefly), very shy Jared hasn't met Jensen's parents till they come home unexpectedly and find the pair in the middle of having some kind of kinky sex involving probably outfits, author's choice. Everyone is embarrassed, especially Jared, but no one is horrible about it. And obviously I went daddy kink with that. Because what could possibly make that scenario more awkward?

You're *welcome*!

Title Happy Returns
Rating NC17 briefly
Pairing Jared/Jensen
Words 1850
Warnings crossdressing, Daddy!kink subverted, lots of embarrassment, joking but definite mention of suicidal thoughts, shyness, so much schmoop

Read more...Collapse )
brutti_ma_buoni July 10 2014, 18:23

Big Bang is a Goooooo!

We posted our big bang just now! Excited to have written it, excited to have posted it, extra-extra excited to show you the artwork D created for it. Kind of nervous, too... I've said thanks to cassiopeia7 in the fic masterpost, but I can't help but say it again here. She's a truly great artist for any writer to work with, and she's delivered a million pieces of gorgeous art for this one, in the face of pretty much literal hell and high water at her end. While always being a great cheerleader for me, and never once leaving me wondering if she'd deliver. (Getting your brother to email your BB writers while you are in hospital as an emergency? Above and Beyond, my friends. But so much appreciated.)

Fic Title What’s Done Is Never Done
Author name brutti_ma_buoni
Artist name: cassiopeia7
Genre: RPF
Pairings Jared/Jensen, brief Jared/OMC
Rating NC17
Word count 24500
Warnings Plenty of contract killings, not all offscreen
Summary Jensen's work isn't something most people would own to, or admire. He has his reasons, but he also has his reasons for hiding and lying. About everything. Unfortunately, his work is also dangerous enough that Jared, his neighbour and occasional hook-up, is accidentally embroiled and at risk. Jensen has to confess those lies, flee, which means road tripping with Jared and trying to keep them together despite Jared's very justifiable anger, confront his own murky past, make sure Jared gets out alive, and find a way to live with himself. Even after Jensen admits to himself just how much he wishes his life had taken a different path.
Link to fic: Fic masterpost
Link to art: The amazing artworks

J2BB-2_what's done is never doneBANNER composite V2BLUE-red FINAL400
rahirah posted to su_herald July 10 2014, 14:57

Wednesday, July 9

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perpetual July 10 2014, 02:39

IWRY 2014

By now you've probably heard that the annual I Will Remember You Fic Marathon is changing hands; angelus2hot will be the primary organizer this year, while scribesds takes a much-deserved break from it. (Personally, I hope she's spending the time relaxing in a hot tub or rockin' out at clubs, but I know she probably just needs to concentrate on her real life.)

I would have instantly volunteered for the task myself, if not for a major personal event that I have overlapping it, so while there's nothing for me to really add here, I did want to keep the conversation going a bit longer out in the open. We've heard from a lot of fans lately, affirming the importance of the IWRY Marathon to them, and it's never too early or too late to show your support by pitching in to help. How? Write. If you don't have a story idea? Write anyway. If you've never written B/A before? Make this your first time. If you're not confident in your ability? Take the plunge, ask for a beta, and write.

How else can you help? Well, for that you'll have to ask angelus2hot . I'll try to be around for the next few months to help plug, beta, and answer questions, but my main goal is to produce one B/A story of real quality, so I suppose if you want to help me, ask me how it's going. ;)

Here's to another great year of B/A fanfiction.
brutti_ma_buoni July 9 2014, 19:23


Not in my usual fandoms, for I participated in Not Prime Time, which has just opened in anon mode for now. It's an exchange ficathon for medium sized fandoms, of which I have several. If you'd like to browse, you can find fic on 140 middling fandoms right here.

My gift is A Life Less Free, a meditation on Cersei Lannister (TV Game of Thrones, not the books), which I enjoyed a lot. I'd asked for pre-series Cersei, and something about her Lannister life, its pride and restriction, and my writer has done a great job paralleling Cersei's experiences of past and present as daughter and mother.

As usual, you spot my fic before authors are revealed in a few days, you might get a surprise bonus gift. The same deal will go fot spn_summergen , which has just started posting, btw. I'm always interested in who can tell it's me!
landrews July 9 2014, 01:10

Pineapple Powder Keg, A 1_million_words Hawaii 5-O Round Robin, S/D, Complete

Yay! witchyemerald posted the Hawaii Five-O
Round Robin to AO3 :-) It was a 1_million_words challenge and she did a great job cracking the whip and making sure everyone completed their chapters. And then simplyn2deep beta'ed for us :-)

I had the privilege of writing the third and seventh (last) chapters- it was a great experience that I would definitely do again :-)

Title: Pineapple Powder Keg at AO3
Authors: dalwriter , witchyemerald , landrews , wanderlustlover , alba17 , goneahead
Fandom: Five-O
Pairing: S/D by the end
Word Count: 8730 words
Casefic, Volcano, Snow in Hawaii, First Kiss

Pineapple Powder Keg at AO3
rahirah posted to su_herald July 9 2014, 00:54

Sunday July 6 - Tuesday July 8

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brutti_ma_buoni July 8 2014, 18:55

LJ posting day

For it is decreed elsewhere on my flist today will be "Everybody go post something random on Livejournal because that is still our community, dammit, and we want to take it back Day".

So. Uh. I love you, LJ. I may spend more time on twitter (barely fannishly), and I've finally achieved my Grade 1 tumblr certificate (credits: gawping at pretty pictures, boggling at the wank, having no fucking clue how to engage with it), but all my good stuff still stems from here, or makes its way back here to share with you guys.

Stuff I love: photo_scavenger , for all your random beautiful silly friendly posting needs. femslash_minis a bijou ficathonette of a Buffy comm, for which I've now written what must be 70+ f/f fics over the years. I joined because I was worried I wasn't giving the ladies a, uh, fair shake. :) I love writerconuk and how every time I drag thru Coventry for another work trip I think of the Ramada hospitality suite (with magnificent chairs) and smile. I love monthlydiaryday for snippets of other lives, and the fact that this month I will be on holiday and have something *different* to post about!

I love so much of Buffy fandom, which is not dead, and which contains some of the best friends I've made in the past ten years. The way everyone is still desperate to write SPN/J2 fic, even though feedback is so low (uh, someone promise to comment on mine, it goes up in 2 days? Please? I will totally read some, soon). I love that this is how I found out about Night Vale, and hockey fic, and enough about Captain America that I just bought the first film on discount. And tbh it's how I've found out about almost every worthwhile thing I've watched in the past few years. I love that some of you post about books, and I take notes, though I'm terrible at sharing my books. I love that monthly new recipe cooking is a real thing (coming next Monday, promise).

I love that my flist and my life are so full that I've missed my damn fic-iversary again. But it is so: six years and two days ago, I posted My First Drabble. My AO3 wordcount is about 710,000 now. And with big bang to come and loads of those f/fs not uploaded, I might yet hit the three-quarter million this year, despite my current drought.

I love that I started out unable to post more than the odd fic or very polite comment, and now I splurge my anxiety at you, and indeed my porn, and you're still there. Blinking, maybe. Making the crazy-crazy sign, possibly. But there, and interacting.

I have had some wine, but not much wine, so this is from the heart, people. Go, post. <3

Also, I've somehow got myself into writing a conference paper about my own grandfather, which is inevitably going to feature a photo of my cousin's tits. (See previous posts.) You may point and laugh at me now. But not till after you've posted.
scribesds posted to iwry_marathon July 6 2014, 21:12


As most of you know, I have hosted IWRY for the last four years, but this year I am passing the baton on to new blood.

IWRY 2014 will be run by the capable hands of angelus2hot

I’m sure you will give her the support you’ve given me, and I just wanted say what a pleasure its been to be part of this wonderful tradition.

B/A forever, my friends.

Have a wonderful Marathon!
waddiwasiwitch posted to su_herald July 6 2014, 09:41

Saturday 5th July

Cordy (to Angel): "So, you went with the dark clothes today."
Angel: "Ask me why I'm smiling."
Cordy: "I will, because it's scaring me."
Angel pulls some tickets out of his back pocket and holds them up.
Angel: "We - are stepping out."

~~Waiting in the Wings~~


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