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IWRY Marathon 2013 - My third fic Justice

I have written a third story for the IWRY 2013 Marathon. I always write a backup story for Dark Star, for just in case.

This year I had several ideas for stories so I wrote three, and this last one was a backup for the backup.

It’s short, just shy of 1000 words.

Why not go check it out.

Its name is Justice.

Tell me what you think.



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IWRY Marathon 2013 - My fic In Plain Sight

I hope you have all been enjoying this years IWRY Marathon. What a great way to while away the days of November. My story is up today, day nine. For those of you who haven't read it, you can go here. It's called In Plain Sight.   Let me know what you think, here or at the IWRY LJ.   Damn. LJ is all screwed up. I can't make spaces or put in blank spaces, it just does its own thing. Sorry folks.           Ares
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Bush fires

I know the world is watching Australia burn. We're sitting here, smoke all about, unable to open windows. A week ago we had a bush fire threaten our town, the perimetre was 92 kilometres. The firemen finally got it under control. And now the Blue Mountains and other towns nearby are burning. There hasn't been enough hazard reduction going on - thank the councils who are Green - and it was a recipe for disaster. This afternoon another fire broke out down near Newcastle and the M1 is closed. There is a huge fire west of us and it is uncontained. Another fire broke out the other side of Queen's Lake yesterday. The lake is a couple of kilometres from my house. We're not in any danger but we are keeping a wary eye on things. Someone quoted 1,500,000 hectares, or was that acres, of forest and land burnt. Gobsmacked at the carnage. I feel for everyone, my heart goes out to you all, and spare a thought to those animals who have perished. There have been a few animals saved by very kind people. 

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Drabble - A Dark Place

Writers Toybox  has posted four prompts.
One of them gave me an idea for a drabble.

I know It's been a long while since I posted anything like a drabble or story, and I wonder if there are any of you out there reading Buffy and Angel?

If not then these 100 words are for my own satisfaction.


A Dark Place.

He hears the radio and the television telling its listeners that the world is a dark place, that times are getting worse, that the world is going to hell. He knows better. The world is a shining place. The people of modern times live in relative luxury. They have food, a roof over their heads, education, medicines, and money to spend. When he was a real boy most people weren’t so lucky. Disease, famine, murder, rape was the order of the day. And then when he was no longer a real boy, he was the dark place